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What is Pocari Sweat?

POCARI SWEAT is a mild tasting, refreshing drink which replenishes body fluids lost through perspiration. It is quickly absorbed into the body. It is thus recommended as a beverage for physical activities such as sports and exercise.

The most notable thing about Pocari Sweat is what’s inside the product. Aside from water, Pocari Sweat also contains electrolyte minerals such as, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Calcium. These electrolytes are lost by the body during perspiration. It is not enough to drink water alone because these electrolytes should be replenished to prevent spontaneous dehydration.

What you don't know
Drinking water is not enough to replace the body fluids and minerals lost during sweating.

What you need to know
Pocari Sweat contains the right amount of electrolyte minerals to replace what we lose when we sweat during sports activities, exercise, work or even while sleeping.

Pocari Sweat contains the right amount and combination of minerals which is a critical factor in the timely absorption to the body to prevent spontaneous dehydration.

Proper hydration through intake of the right beverage is essential in obtaining the right level of body fluids to attain optimum physical and mental performance.

Pocari Sweat offers the right ingredients in a mild tasting and refreshing beverage

Why do we thirst?
Thirst is a signal given by the body to let us know that water content inside the body is lacking. If it becomes hot, we sweat a lot in order to stop the rise in body temperature. That is why we get thirsty.

  The amount of sweat that we perspire is greater than we imagine
Sleep 350 ml
Hot Bath 500 ml
Basketball 1500 ml

Have you ever wondered why your sweat tastes salty?

That's because sweat contains ions such as sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and chloride which makes it salty. Ions needed by the body are lost through sweating.

Ions needed by the body are lost through sweating.

1. Working out - best before, during, and after working out in the gym.
2. Hot weather - refresh while replenishing lost fluids during a hot sunny day.
3. Waking up - even while we sleep, we lose body fluids. Pocari Sweat works best upon waking up after a long rest.
4. Hot showers - drink Pocari Sweat after losing fluids due to sweating during a long hot shower.
5. Fever - our body cools down by releasing sweat when our temperature rises during a bout of fever. Recharge with Pocari Sweat.
6. Diarrhea - dehydration takes place after a lot of fluids are lost as a result of diarrhea. Replace lost fluids and re-energize by drinking Pocari Sweat.
7. Hangover - lessen the effect of hangover and stay hydrated by Pocari Sweat.
8. Long travels - helps in relieving cramps as a result of muscle inactivity due to long travels. Pocari Sweat improves blood circulation by providing the right hydration in our blood vessels.


Nutritional Facts per 100 ml:
Electrolytes Concentration mEq/L
Calories 26Kcal Na+ 21.0
Protein 0 K+ 5.0
Fat 0 Ca2+ 1.0
Sugar 6.7g Mg2+ 0.6
Sodium 49mg Cl 16.0
Calcium 2mg Citrate3- 10.0
Potassium 20mg Lactate+ 1.0
Magnesium 0.6mg    

Water, sugar, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium lactate, magnesium carbonate and flavor